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Meet Dr. Steve Abercrombie

Hi I’m Dr. Steve Abercrombie, thanks for visiting our site. We are always very excited to help people. Here is my story of why I became a CHIROPRACTOR.

Fremont Chiropractor Dr. Steve Abercrombie

Dr. Steve Abercrombie

When I was eleven or twelve I was taken to the chiropractor because I had a “kink” in my neck. At the time, it did not make the biggest impression on me, in fact, I was not sure how I felt about it. I knew I felt better, but it was nothing like I had ever experienced. What I do believe it did was plant a seed that looking back today may have changed my life forever and possibly yours.

My whole life I was an athlete. I played many sports which was the advantage of living in a small town. In fact, if you didn’t play more than one sport at a time we wouldn’t have enough kids to make a team. Those were good times. Anyway, at some point in my career of playing all those sports I developed a problem and guess where I went; The Chiropractor. What I found was that whether I was hurting or not, after getting adjusted I had the best game performances of my life. I ran faster, hit harder, and performed better. It was my advantage; I felt like a machine.

I went on to play football in college. I played linebacker which is a very physical position. I had lifting records on the team. I could take 330lbs from the floor and lift it above my head in two moves. I could squat 330lbs thirty-three times, I benched 250lbs eighteen times. The reason I am telling you this, is because after playing football, one accident changed all this. If it wasn’t for a chiropractor taking time to educate me I very well could still be living on pain medication with multiple surgeries under my belt and my life would be very different than it is today.



In the mid to late 90’s I was injured while working. I was disabled for 2 years and told by two different surgeons I needed a fusion of my low back. This was just months after I was lifting all this weight and playing against some of the best athletes in college football. Needless to say I was devastated.

After living on heavy pain medication and trying to rehab with Physical Therapy with little to no change, I took myself to the chiropractor because the M.D’s would not refer me. Long story short, I told the chiropractor that I was actually considering having surgery. He told me that if I did, that I may never be as good after the surgery as I was that day. There would be all kinds of irreversible changes and I could end up worse with less options down the road. He said that if I gave him and my body time and made my appointments he could work with my body and eventually my body would begin to heal itself. If it could heal itself enough, I may be able to get my life back, and may not need the surgery. After long consideration, I agreed with him and looking back now, I believe I made the best decision for me. Especially after seeing many patients over the years who have had surgery and tell me they wish they hadn’t.



If it wasn’t for him, I believe my life would be very different. I would not have had my two beautiful children, my awesome life and I wouldn’t of become a chiropractor blessed with the heart, compassion, skills and understanding to help patients in serious need. Like my patient who has had long standing back pain, who is taking medication for her developing bladder problems. Her low back x-ray showed severe joint and disc damage at the level of bladder innervation. She told me today that after her first adjustment it was the first time she has been able to fully empty her bladder in she can’t remember how long. She is thrilled and I am hopeful that by making her back healthier her body may continue to function better.

In the end, its up to you. You have to want to be healthy. What’s your plan? Are you going to wing it, think its going to go away and hope for the best. Look at the people around you. How many people do you know who have back or neck problems. Have you noticed it is also affecting the rest of who they are like their health, their sleep, their attitude, their weight and their personal relationships. Think about it. Don’t let that be you. We will take great care of you, but you have to get here first.

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Dr. Abercrombie

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