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Knowledgeable to Physical Pain or Discomfort
Physique wellness has definitely become my second family. They’ve helped me through out all of my pain as well as when I was in a car accident. Dr. Park is very knowledgeable when it comes to any physical pain or discomfort. I experienced and I couldn’t be more grateful that I’ve found them. ~ Dang

Shoulder Pain
I’ve suffered from shoulder pain for a couple of years and nothing has helped until now. After seeing Dr. Park for ART Treatments my shoulder pain is now gone and I am going better range of motion. I look forward to a pain free future and being able to increase my boot camp workout activity. ~

No More Pills
I’m happy now cause everytime of treatment gives me a lot of improvement on my body. There’s always a solution for every issue of my complaint, a solution that gives me relief. Usually I’m taking pills to ease that pain but now no more cause I can resist & think I don’t need it anymore. ~

Professionalism and Genuine friendliness
The team here at Fremont Chiropractic sets themselves apart because they have the customer (patient) in mind all the time. The professionalism is expected, but the genuine friendliness and concern is a very welcome change of pace from most medical offices! Thank you for all you do to my body and I really appreciate the improvements with my body and health! ~ Bob

Chiropractic Can Help With Children
Emilio Martin
We brought Emilio Ray to see Dr. Abercrombie in January of 2009; he was 4 ½ years old. He has had countless ear infections and suffers from asthma. He has had tubes placed in his ears twice, he has had pneumonia three times and every fall and winter we spend hours on a nebulizer.

In December of 2008 one of the tubes fell out of place and the ear infections started almost immediately. Dr. Abercrombie and I had lots of conversations about my fear of bringing him in for chiropractic care; he kept telling me that chiropractic care would help my son. He understood that I was scared about care for a young child … I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I wish I knew about chiropractic care when I first had Emilio Ray. If I did I wouldn’t have exposed him to years of antibiotics. Simple adjustments would have been all that was necessary.It is now the week of Christmas 2009 and we have been to the pediatrician one time this year for a kindergarten check up.
Emilio Ray loves coming to the office and always has big hugs for Wonder and Melissa. He tells me the only Doctor he wants to see is Dr. Abercrombie. Dr. A is very gentle with him and we trust him completely. We love how we feel more like family than patients. ~Emilio’s Mom – Bronya Martin

Chiropractic Care Helps To Keep You Dancing
Tiffany K.
I have been a dancer all my life.

I’ve done a million turns, kicks, and jumps – enough for 10 people my age I’m sure. Putting all that stress on my body, day after day, hours each day, I started feeling the effects when I was 22 years old. At this point, I went to a chiropractor for a year and a half. This helped with the acute pain, but I did not continue my adjustments. Time passed.

Eight years later, I found myself in Dr. Abercrombie’s office. I had stopped dancing or even exercising at all because I was in so much pain. Not only did my back hurt, but so did my neck, hip, ankle, and knee. I didn’t think that I would dance again. I thought I was just getting old. I wanted to believe that my pain could go away, and I was willing to take the steps necessary to feel better. This was the start of my recovery.

I have now been under Dr. Abercrombie’s care for almost 1 year. Not only have I started dancing again, I have also taken up running (I ran my first 5K in May) and started a new dance class – bellydancing. I am no longer in pain, and I believe without a doubt that living pain-free is possible. There are also other “side effects” that I didn’t expect. I am a calmer person, my stomach problems have pretty much disappeared, and I sleep better.

I would really like to thank Dr. Abercrombie and his staff (Wonder and Melissa) for helping me get back to how I felt when I was 21 years old. Living pain-free gives me a sense of freedom that I am thankful for each day. ~Tiffany K.

Chiropractic Care For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle
Dr. Steve Abercrombie and his warm, friendly staff at Fremont Chiropractic have made such a positive impact in my life. They have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and are effectively treating specific physical ailments I suffer from. I have been suffering from neck and lower back pain since 2002. This pain kept me from working, limited my activities around the house, interfered with my ability to enjoy RVing and disrupted my passion for golf.

Before trying chiropractic techniques, I saw several doctors and tried different prescription medications with little improvement. The pain was being treated without addressing the cause of the pain. Dr. Abercrombie has addressed the causes of my neck and lower back pain. His treatments have dramatically reduced my pain and increased my physical activity. I have returned to work part time, taken many rave trips and I golf as often as I can. Dr. Abercrombie’s attentive care is responsible for avoiding a potentially life threatening incident in my life.

I had been suffering from chest pain for about a year. It had been diagnosed as acid reflux. Despite taking prescription medications, the pain continued. Dr. Abercrombie insisted that I return to my doctor and request a stress test, immediately. I did so and two days later I had the test done. The test showed a significant strain on my heart. This prompted an angiogram that showed that I had two blocked arteries. I had two stents put in and avoided any heart damage and a possible fatal heart attack.

For this and all of Dr. Abercrombie’s care, my family and I will always be grateful. I look forward to continuing the great chiropractic care I receive from Dr. Abercrombie and his staff at Fremont Chiropractic. ~Al M.

Singing The Praises of Chiropractic Care
This is Jodi cleaning the solar panels on her roof 
10 days after wrist surgery!
About 18 months ago, one of the physical therapists at the Super Slow exercise studio next door recommended Dr. Abercrombie to me to help with various back problems which had required surgery and/or were causing pain. I’d been working out at Super Slow for several years and I was working towards a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do before cervical spine damage forced me to give it up. Being only 50, I wasn’t about to just quit being active, and I needed something more effective than injections and less drastic than surgery. 2007 was the turning point –cervical fusions in January were followed by carpal tunnel surgery in July, the onset of asthma and GERD (acid reflux), synthetic cartilage injections in an arthritic knee (to be repeated every 6 months), a promise that I would need further spinal surgery within a year, the discovery that I had bone spurs in both feet, and needed mid-back injections (only for temporary relief). Bah-humbug! I first went to see Dr. Abercrombie in January of 2008.

I come in about twice a week now – my asthma is under control with one medication instead of 5, my “deteriorating” knee and mid-back haven’t needed injections in well over a year, and my neurosurgeon says to keep up the good work with the chiropractor because my cervical spine x-rays look “great”. Other benefits: I’ve lost 55 lbs in the past year or so and am keeping it off, my posture has improved greatly (which in turn improves my mood and self-respect), I’ve been able to reduce my medication significantly (I’m bi-polar and now need mood stabilizers but no more anti-depressants), and I’m able to sing solos even during the flu and colds season. I’ve held down two teaching positions since last fall and graduated with my second MA from San José State this past May. In June, I had two outpatient surgeries, but only after working with Dr. Abercrombie for several months first. I’m convinced that his work with me before and after to release the nerves in my right arm and wrist has greatly contributed to my very rapid healing. The picture below is of me cleaning the solar panels on our roof 10 days after my wrist surgery! ~Jodi B.

Pain Level Has Considerably Improved And Feeling Great
Never did I think I’d feel this good after turning 70 this year. I had been suffering with lower back pain for approximately 2 years before I met up with Dr. Steve Abercrombie, and I had just about given up on getting any relief from my back pain.

I had been using a combination of both western and eastern medicine, which covered the range of taking painkillers, getting steroid injections, using acupuncture and massage, all of which brought little relief. Therefore, as a very last resort I thought I would try seeing a Chiropractor before giving in to back surgery. And that’s when I met Dr. Abercrombie.

Starting with a thorough examination, which included a complete set of x-rays along with a consultation from a very professional and personable doctor that was very optimistic that he could get me a reduction in pain, I signed up with the program that was designed for me.

I was initially seeing the doctor five times a week but I am now down to once a week treatment for maintenance only. What a change this created for my family and me. I feel years younger and am able to so things I have not been able to do for years. I will be vacationing this year in Spain as well as Alaska with my husband and I’m not the least bit worried about having to sit in a plane for 12 hours. I would have never been able to do this before without being heavily medicated during the trip and in constant pain.

After seeing Dr. Abercrombie for approximately 5 months I can honestly say that my pain level has considerably improved and I’m feeling great.

Dr. Abercrombie and his staff are very professional and personable and take time to listen to what you have to say. I highly recommend Dr. Abercrombie and his staff to anyone that is considering using a chiropractor to reduce and/or eliminate back pain. ~Mary K.

Migraine Relief After Years Of Pain
I have had migraines now for 5 years; they started in my late 30’s after I got pregnant. I had a constant dull headache most days, and more times than not would turn into a full migraine. If you suffer from migraines, you know how difficult it is to hold a job, take care of your family or just live. My husband was great through it all, but eventually doing everything by yourself and caring for a small child started to wear on him as well.

I tried what seemed like everything, I went to the doctor only to be prescribed medication that needed to be taken everyday and then another prescription to take when the migraine came on. Not only were they expensive but they never seemed to fully get rid of the headache, so I supplemented then with over the counter “Excedrin Migraine” or “Advil Migraine”. When the headaches would subside for awhile, the following day I would be hit with a rebound headache, a never ending cycle of pain. The medication taken when a migraine came on left me tired and feeling “dopey”.

I had a cat scan done, all normal. I saw a neurologist, more drugs. I had my eyes checked, no change. I had my blood work done, everything fine, no thyroid problems. I saw an acupuncturist, didn’t help. I was desperate. I was at a wedding rehearsal dinner one night, again with a dull migraine, when someone asked me what I was doing for my migraines. After the long story of everything I had done and tried, she suggested chiropractic; it had helped her with her migraines.

So the following Monday, I called Dr. Abercrombie’s office to make an appointment. They were able to see me the same day. This was September of 2008.

I went in for the consultation, where they took a history on me and x-rays for a full evaluation. When Dr. Abercrombie told me how chiropractic helped him and how he has his life back. I thought OK this might work. Finally, something.

I have been in treatment for 4 months, and finally have my life back. My son finally has his mommy back and he doesn’t have to hear everyday, “Mommy has a headache, and I can’t play with you”.

I was so comfortable with Dr. Abercrombie that my entire family, including my 4 year old son is now in treatment.

I share my experience with you, so that you don’t have to live in pain. This office is great and will take great care of you. ~Bronya S.

Surgery For Back Pain Relief Was Not An Option
I’ve spent over a third of my life in constant leg pain, due to bone cancer surgery which started in 1967 and ended on 1986. My husband has been a patient of Dr. Abercrombie’s for over 5 years. One morning I woke up with such bad back pain I could hardly get out of bed. My (wonderful) husband immediately called Dr. Abercrombie to see if he could provide some relief. After a consultation and exam, Dr. Abercrombie felt that I needed to be checked out by a back specialist to rule out that the pain was caused by the return of bone cancer. As a result of the MRI and Bone Scan it was determined that the pain shooting from the bottom of my back through my right leg was due to scar tissue that had accumulated around the sciatic nerve throughout the years. The back specialist suggested surgery as a way to remove the scar tissue which would relieve the pain I was experiencing. I discussed the options with my husband and we agreed surgery was not the answer.

A few days later, I had a complete physical and x-rays taken with Dr. Abercrombie. Dr. Abercrombie felt he could provide me with much needed relief. One that was perhaps not completely pain free, but definitely a better quality of life. I met again with Dr. Abercrombie and together we decided to do joint manipulation with my hips to start breaking down the years of scar tissue. Going twice a week for a month gave me relief that I had not experienced before. Now after 3 years of adjustments I have a quality of life that I never expected to have. It’s changed not only my life, but for my family as well.

Since then we have enrolled our two children into Dr. Abercrombie’s care.

Thanks Dr. Abercrombie!! ~Bessie R.

Chronic Back Pain And Multiple Headaches Per Week
Before starting chiropractic care I suffered from chronic back pain as well as multiple headaches per week. The lower back pain made it difficult to sit through a day at school and would eventually lead to a headache that made it possible to focus on schoolwork. The back pain also interfered with my ability to engage in physical activities that I love and the headaches would frequently send me to bed rather than out with friends. Around the age of thirteen my pediatrician informed me that my spine was curved but there were no methods to prevent an increase in curvature but rather that I should allow my body to finish growing then reevaluate my condition. The curve in my spine gradually increased along with the pain and medicine did nothing to relieve the pain. Finally I decided that I could no longer take such a passive approach to my health care and I decided to try chiropractic care.

Walking into Dr. Abercrombie’s office was the best health decision I’ve made. After only a few visits my lower back pain began to subside and the headaches followed by essentially disappearing. The pain I had previously been experiencing had become to frequent that I did not realize the impact it took on my daily routine until it was gone, Regular visits to Dr. Abercrombie’s office allow me to have the active role in my health care as well as reassure me that the pain can be relieved. ~Casey F.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)
Dear Dr. Abercrombie,

The herniation of my C7/T1 disc, with the pain and disability that ensued, was one of the most frightening experiences of my 51 years. The medical doctors advised me to limit the motion of my neck, and take anti-inflammatory medications and under no circumstances have any manipulation done to my neck. Although I have been a long-term chiropractic patient, I was very apprehensive about any adjustments. However, after a few small adjustments, I was convinced my disc would heal faster and better if the range of motion was restored, scaring and tension minimized, and functionality improved. Still with some trepidation, I agreed with your recommendation to be more proactive and aggressive with my recovery by undergoing the Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA).

That was the best decision that I have ever made, not only for the healing of my herniated disc, but for my overall health and fitness. The MUA has restored my flexibility and range of motion to levels I have not enjoyed for more than 30 years. After the first follow-up session, I felt like I was floating when I walked around the building. After the full course of follow up care, the flexibility in my legs and torso nearly doubled. I also have 100 percent range of motion of my neck, with improved functionality throughout my cervical spine, has allowed it to heal without damaging scar tissue and chronic misalignment that would have jeopardized my long term outcome.

The pain in my arm and numbness in my wrist, hand and fingers cleared up completely within three week of the MUA. I am now beginning to return to normal activities, including working and golfing. I am also on the exercise program that you provided and I am feeling more physically fit than before the injury. I am hopeful that with careful maintenance and continued treatment I can forever avoid the painful experience and damaging affects of surgery.

Thank you for your fantastic care and dedication.

Sincerely Your~Dennis L.

Lower Back Pain And Stiffness
This has been my first experience with a chiropractor. For many years I have experienced back aches and I pretty much ignored them and would just take Motrin or Advil to help relieve the pain. That is until now. I used to wake up in the morning with lower back pain and stiffness. If I ever bent the wrong way or lifted something the wrong way I would be in pain for days and I would be limping until it would go away.

Because I sit in front of the computer for eight hours a day my neck was stiff all of the time. This year, when I was working out in the gym with my trainer doing certain exercises, I noticed pain in my lower back. I finally decided to see someone about the pain and discomfort. My good friend at work recommended that I see Dr. Abercrombie, she was told by her family doctor that she needed to have surgery for her back problems. Since being under Dr. Abercrombie’s care she has been very happy and her back problems have resolved without surgery.

It has been almost two months since I have started treating with Dr. Abercrombie and in this short period of time I have seen a great improvement and my back doesn’t hurt anymore. I would advise anyone with back problems to see Dr. Abercrombie. He is very informative and has educated me on the importance of a healthy spine, information that I was not aware of. I have recommended a friend to Dr. Abercrombie, she is now under his care and she is very happy as well. I also to mention that Dr. Abercrombie has one of the nicest staff that always greets you with a smile. This is very helpful because I don’t smile a lot and the staff always makes me smile. ~Dina M.

Neck Pain Gone After 16 Years
I have had neck pain since 1992. I went to six different chiropractors that I would go to for patch work, only when I experience pain. They would adjust me and the pain would go away temporarily but the pain would always come back.

Since starting the treatment plan with Dr. Abercrombie and being seen regularly, all of my pain and discomfort has completely resolved. The neck pain I had for 16 years was like a bad friend, always there. Now I feel like I don’t even have a neck because I don’t have to think about it anymore. My tennis elbow is gone.

I am bringing my mother from India on May 7th and she will be starting treatment with Dr. Abercrombie on May 10th. Dr. Abercrombie has changed my life. I now feel like I can fulfill my lifelong dream of flying a helicopter. I recommend Dr. Abercrombie to all of my friends & family because what he has done for me and the quality of my life.~Harmeet A.

Can Stand Straight After Walking Slumped For 40 Years
After 4 months of treatment, I can scrub the solar panels on our roof and clean the roof of the sunroom by myself and not be sore afterwards. I’ve also noticed with pleasure that I can stand straight, naturally and without pain.

After 40 years of walking slumped and with my head down, I suddenly realized that my posture is no longer dependant on my mood. It simply feels normal to look up and around and to meet people’s gazes as I walk. I’ve even had to adjust the review mirror in my car- I sit up so straight without thinking that I had to tilt it up. Thanks~Jodi B.

Husband And Wife Both Benefit From Chiropractic Care
When I started my visits with Dr. Abercrombie I was feeling very tired all the time. My doctor had just told me that this was “normal” and I shouldn’t be worried about it. I was also experiencing intense leg pain in both legs, which I attributed to the meds that I was taking. Two and a half years ago I had a heart attack and a stent was inserted into my main left artery. Prior to the heart attack I had recently developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which was being treated with meds. After the heart attack I was given additional meds. Some of the side effects of these meds are tiredness and muscle pain so I was learning to live with both.

The other “side effect” I was learning with was “not being able to sleep-being awake for what seemed like hours in the middle of the night. But, at my age (59) and having gone through menopause I just accepted all of this as ‘the affects of aging’.

My husband introduced me to Dr. Abercrombie. He was very impressed with his treatment and Dr. Abercrombie’s philosophy towards how to achieve your best health and enjoy life to its fullest. When I met Dr. Abercrombie 4 months ago I wasn’t hoping for any miracles, I was only hoping to feel better and in the process achieve better health. To my surprise I began noticing that I had more energy, my leg pains were gone, and I was sleeping better than ever! Life is good again!

The other bonus health change that I have had is my blood pressure- it is lower than it has been in 3 years- 125/80. This I attribute to my adjustments from Dr. Abercrombie. No matter how hard I tried- diet, exercise, life style changes, etc., my blood pressure was always higher than it should have been and my meds were being adjusted to compensate. Now, I am hoping my meds can be lowered to compensate for my lowered blood pressure.

Fremont Chiropractic has been a life changing experience for me in more ways than one. I have just committed to treatment for the next year and I feel very lucky to have this professional group of people taking such good care of me. The office staff is warm, friendly, and always upbeat. Since I have made my health a priority, I look forward to my regular adjustments. I leave each and every visit feeling more cal, relaxed, and refreshed- what could be better than that! Thank you Dr. Abercrombie and staff for giving me back my optimum health and the energy to enjoy the blessings in my life!~Mary Lou & Derek K.

A Friend Suggested Chiropractic Care
My name is Mickey and for the past seven years I have had reoccurring pain in my left ear. This past year I changed jobs and seemed that the frequency of my ear pain increased due to the fact that my new position requires that I sit in front of a computer terminal all day.

Recently, while I was at work the pain became so intense I had to leave work and go to my Doctors office. The Doctor prescribed antibiotics that didn’t really help. As it turned out, I spent a full week confined to my bed due to the pain and nausea that I was feeling.

One day a couple of friends of mine suggested that I might want to consider consulting a Chiropractor. At first I thought they were crazy, however I had tried conventional medicine and it wasn’t working, so I thought why not.

A week or so later I was at the Newpark Mall and I approached Dr. Abercrombie and I started to speak with him about my ear condition. I explained how I had made numerous visits to several Doctors and advised him of my symptoms. Dr. Abercrombie explained how Chiropractic therapy could possibly be my solution.

Dr. Abercrombie gave me a coupon for a free x-ray and consultation and we set up an appointment. After the first month of three times a week adjustments, I started feeling much better. I have a occasional flare up, but not nearly as frequent or as painful as it has been.

All I can say is that I am feeling a lot better and I’m thankful for all of his help. Sincerely~Mickey B.

Severe Headaches and Migraines
I have suffered from severe headaches and migraines since my early teenage years. Since then my life was a nightmare. I had migraine 2 to 3 times a week which always followed by neck pain and pressure in the back of my head. Sometimes my headache would get to the point that I could barely do anything. It seemed all I could do was lie down in a dark sun proof room totally isolated from the outside world.

Over more that 10 years of struggle with pain I have seen doctor after doctor. Got two CAT scans, EEG, was under neurological care for over 8 months. With great hopes I have tried acupuncture. Unfortunately I was back with my migraine just a few days after the treatment ended. I felt like all the doctors could so was give me pain pills, which I was taking frequently with not much help.

One neurologist told me that I have to accept the fact that my headaches may never go away and I would have to find a way to live with the pain. Yeah! Easier said than done. I was tired of suffering and at the end of my rope for what to do. So for the next few years I did what I was advised to do. Whenever I got a headache I took a few pain pills and tried to accept the migraines as part of my life.

Fortunately my husband, who was getting tired of my condition, told me to see a chiropractor. My husband who has been Dr. Abercrombie’s patient for a few years made me an appointment that has changed my life. Just after few visits and a week of adjustments the migraine went away and further treatment has cleared my neck pain. The pressure on the back of my head disappeared and I finally started to feel like a totally new person. Just after two months Dr. Abercrombie helped me become PAIN FREE! I am just half way through my treatment and I cannot believe how much this experience has changed the quality of my life. I have been finally able to enjoy each day and I feel more free to be me than ever before. I wish I would have thought of chiropractic care earlier. Becoming a patient of Dr. Abercrombie is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.~Aleksandra (Ola) M.

Skeptical At First, Found Relief After Years Of Pain
Over ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis. I had a hairline crack in one of my vertebrae, which over the years had snapped off and was found floating around my lower back. The only option to fix this situation was to have extensive surgery, which consisted of a spinal fusion, a month in a body cast and intense physical therapy for weeks to follow. With all the new hardware in my back, I basically had to learn to walk again.

Over time, because of this condition, my spine has been degenerating from my lower back up to my neck. My neck and shoulders felt like tightly bound rubber bands ready to pop with numbness in my fingers. The amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy it has taken to carry that pain has been tremendous. Fortunately, I was gifted with a very positive attitude and outlook on life that has helped me to get through some very difficult times.

I have never been one to take medication, as I feel it only put a band aide on the pain. I thought about seeing a Chiropractor, but I was very skeptical and honestly afraid that the adjustments may cause further damage to my spine. Well, desperate times calls for desperate measures as the old saying goes. When you are in that much pain, all you want is your true quality of life back, so you can actually ENJOY a happy healthy life once again!

I heard good things about Dr. Abercrombie through an acquaintance of mine one evening at a party, so I figured, what so I have to lose? When I called for my consultation, the first initial phone call was very pleasant.. After a detailed consultation with Dr. Abercrombie, who was very gracious to spend as much time with me as he did, explained the good and bad news. Bad news was my spine was deteriorating and in very bad shape. The good news was that he would be able to help me out in time. Dr. Abercrombie explained how the nervous system controls your entire body, and when your nervous system does not work properly, your body does not work properly. That made complete sense to me.

I have been getting adjustments for a couple of weeks now, and have already felt a tremendous amount of relief in my neck and shoulders, and the numbness in my fingers is gone! I still have a hard time believing how GREAT I feel in this short period of time! My quality of life is back without having to deal with pain on a daily basis, on top of having a whole lot of energy again. I know I still have a long road ahead of me, but the doctor has a plan and I am sticking to it! You will not know until you give it a chance and truly see the results for yourself.

Good luck as you are in great hands with Dr. Abercrombie and staff!~Sue C.

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